Thin hair? No thanks! 5 ways to stop hair thinning.

Let’s face it we just don’t feel sexy with thin hair. No one wants to feel cold on top or look like their elderly grandma. Thinning hair is, unfortunately, the luck of the draw and for many people, it is a hereditary trait. That does not mean that you have to settle for it. I want to point out there is a massive difference between thin hair and thinning hair. One is the thickness of each strand whilst the other means your hair is actually falling out. Check out some hack to stop and treat your hair so that it looks lush and full.

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Number 1- go to the source

Sometimes, as I said, it could be hereditary but for many people, it is a reaction to something. Hormones and stress levels make a massive difference to the way you feel but they also make a difference to the actual health of your body and can cause your hair to fall out as a result. There are also some disorders that can cause your hair to fall out like Alopecia, skin disorders and thyroid issues. So if your hair is falling out more than usual go and see your doctor for advice and find out why.

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Number 2- change the way you handle your hair

This may sound super obvious but your hair is likely to be incredibly fragile right now and your scalp may even be feeling sensitive so you need to change the way you handle it. It is a good idea to switch from brushing your hair to combine it so there is less pull on your scalp and you are less likely to pull hairs out unnecessarily.

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Number 3- product switch

Using the right product is incredible for hair health in general but if your hair is thinning it is an absolute must. You want to use shampoos that are botanically based rather than chemically based (which most of them are). Products containing sulphates or SLS/sles should be binned immediately and alcohol in products is almost as bad. Look online for botanically based shampoos conditioners and styling products and your hair will thank you

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Number 4- turn down the heat

This one is hard during the colder seasons but heat really weakens your hair so going heatless is ideal. Instead of drying your hair, let it air dry. This may mean a bit more planning as to when you are going to wash your lock, but it will be worth it. Styling with heat is the same so instead of curling check out the Cliphair website for heatless hairstyle ideas. Corkscrew curls are instantly easy if you are feeling daring and want to add extra body to your hair.

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Number 5- give your scalp some TLC

We all love a massage and it is great for out circulation, this is exactly what happens when you massage your scalp too. So grab a nourishing oil like almond or olive oil and massage it into your scalp before you go to bed. Just don’t forget to wash it out in the morning.



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