Two perfect work approved buns to feel like a boss babe


Work hard play hard is a phrase I have heard all my life, but what exactly does work hard mean? To me, it means being at the top of your game. Most women I know are at their peak when they feel confident and look good. Today I want to share with you some of the go-to buns that make me feel great when I head to work and are perfect for going out with friends afterwards. These make me feel like a total boss babe and I hope they do to you too, I would love to see you showing them off so #wearcliphair.


Bun number 1: The low sleek chignon

This style is a classic look that is elegant and makes you look totally powerful. I have seen it on a ton of shows from Suits to Mad Men and it still looks timeless. To start this style make sure you have your Cliphair extensions in, if you are clipping or taping in extensions for this look I would start behind your ears so you can position the extensions correctly for an updo. You can then work your way up to your temples and down towards your neck.

It doesn’t matter too much if this look is created on first or second-day hair, just put in some dry shampoo to make sure your roots aren’t oily. Brush your hair to make sure that your dry shampoo isn’t visible and the extensions are blended. Create a centre part from your hairline to your crown then gather your hair into a low ponytail, making sure your hair is bump free.

Once you have secured your ponytail split it in half. Twist the right section and wrap it around the base then pin in place before you do the same with the left section. Once they are secure and your bun looks great to add some hairspray so that it stays in place.


Bun number 2: the uptown messy buns

Thought that messy buns were only for weekends? Wrong! This version of a messy bun is created to look fashionably textured rather than overtly scruffy so your boss won’t complain and you will still look fab and feel great. You can either begin by adding your Cliphair extensions now or at the second stage of this look. If you are using tape ins, put a full set in now, if you are using your clip in hair extensions you may find it more subtle to add your extensions at the second stage.

The key is to add volume to your crown. I have slightly wavy hair but the next part helps even straight-haired friends gain more texture. Put a little mousse in the palm of your hand then add some dry shampoo on top. This sounds crazy but it stops your hair looking wet with the mousse. Scrunch this in and after you let it soak in add some texture spray.

Pull out some face-framing sections the do your hair up into a ponytail at your crown. If you are using clip in extensions, put them in now. Backcomb your hair at the base then lightly twist your ponytail to create a bun. Pin into place then tugs on the sections you want to look looser and messier. You are done


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