The perfect updo for curly hair

Wavy locks have been super popular over the summer. From short crops to bobs and long flowing manes waves look stunning. What you don’t see as often is really defined the curly look. I think this is such a shame I love winding curls and think they look so romantic a laid back. If you have natural curls or curl your hair regularly you will know that looking after curls is not always straightforward. This may be why some people get put off. Today I want to show you one of my favourite styles for curly hair that will change your mind and want to have curls every day. Once you try this stunning look don’t forget to #wearcliphair to show off the result.

Step 1: Prepare your curls

This is almost a two-step process, but I have put it into one. There are two ways you can get the big tight curls you are after. You could either use a curling wand or use rollers that you will wear overnight. I would not recommend using a straight iron for this look as it will result in waves or simply won’t be tight enough curls. I do this by dividing my hair into rows and alternating the direction I create the curls in so it will look the most natural. Curls are all about volume so I would definitely suggest adding your Cliphair extensions to this look. If you want them to look the best curl them before you add them to the rest of your hair. Unlike straight hairstyles blending is not such an issue. If you are using heated tools to create your curls please remember to add heat protecting serum to your locks and spritz hairspray on the curls before they cool, so they do not drop.


Step 2: The top half

Create a centre part going back to your crown then take a one-inch section (roughly a few curls) to the left of your part, twist them loosely, pinch them a little to add volume and pin at the back of your head. Repeat on the other side but cross the end of this twist over the bobby pin at the back to conceal it before you pin this twist in place as well. You will notice that this is criss-cross twist design. You are going to continue creating the twists, crossing them under and pinning them in place until you reach the nape of your neck. You could leave this as half up style and it will look incredible but if you want an updo, keep reading.


Step 3: Finishing off

To transform this style take the hair directly under your braids and split them into three equal sections. To create your french braid fold the outside section over the middle one and repeat on the other side. As you travel down your braid with becoming fuller. Secure with a clear hair tie at the ends and pinch to volumize. It is simple to turn into an updo from here simply drape your braid over your hair like a braided hairband and conceal the hair tie with a decorative clip. It will look amazing


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