Everything you should know about Red Hair Extensions


Who doesn’t like a bit of red; both wine and hair? The thing with wine is that you can always get good wine from the shop, but for the red hair…. Well, you can still get it in form of hair extensions. I am sure that I have got you there because the chances are very slim that you fall in the 2% of world population of naturally redhead people and people born with red hair have a recessive gene which is basically responsible for a genetic mutation called MC1R. This is one of the most striking hair colours and if you are a redhead you are in good company so is Queen Elizabeth 1st, Nicole Kidman, Florence Welsh and Lily Cole.

To look after your red hair is equally challenging for the ones who are not born with or have dyed (which is quite a lot of WORK, to be frank) or own red Cliphair hair extensions. It is mainly because the colour molecules of red hair are larger than any other colours’ molecules. Natural or dyed, both are ultra sensitive to midday sunlight and chlorine water. So one has to be mindful of the maintenance of the colour red.

I am going to list my go-to tips to maintain your red hair shiny, healthy and long-lasting if dyed. This goes the same if you dye your hair extensions red instead of having your own. But first of all, be prepared to give extra care for looking fantastic in stunning rouge!


Shampoo + Conditioner

Always go for the shampoos and conditioners designed particularly for the red colour hair. They contain a high concentration of nurturing and protective agents. These elements are full of antioxidants which revitalise hair and keep it vibrant and full of life especially for red hair due to larger colour molecules. Products made of a mignonette tree, also known as a henna tree, is also tried and tested product to enhance original colour and keep it firm and fresh while Henna can also be used for dyed red hair to rejuvenate the look of it. This is the best option if you want to go for something that is a bit more natural and less harsh on your hair.

Use colour rinse and toner

Don’t wait too long to use a colour rinse. As soon as you see the red colour is fading between colour treatments. The rinse colour treatment will give extra vibrancy to the hair. This will keep your hair looking fresher for longer and stop you having to dye your hair too soon (let’s face it we all know that dying your hair isn’t great for it). There is a big difference between being a redhead and brassy locks. Colours like strawberry blonde are notoriously hair to master. You want to have a ginger tinge but it is very hard to avoid the brass. What will help is toner, and don’t skimp on it. This will keep your colour ‘purer’ for longer.


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