Everything you need to know about brunette hair + extensions


Brunette hair is thick and lush. That is not just an opinion, it is a fact. We may have the most commonly found hair colour in the world but we have the most enviable thick hair around too. There are so many different shades of brunette that you can never get bored. We are know to be cool, calm and collected but we also have aware known. We are so lucky to have the most naturally nourished hair out there but that doesn’t mean we can neglect it. This goes for both our own brunette hair and our brunette Cliphair extensions. As always #wearcliphair

If you are like me and like a change you will know that it takes more effort to dye brunette hair and extensions. Because we have darker locks we require more bleach to lighted the tone, this can be more damaging as well. TLC is a must.


Shampoo and conditioner

The big thing to assess which shampoo and conditioner is right for your is to look at which tone of brunette you have. We all have some form of undertone from copper to rich mocha tones. These will become more or less obvious depending on the season. Using the right products ensures that your undertones don’t make your hair look a funny colour. If you have chestnut locks like mine you want to make sure that the auburn ting you have does not turn into a full on brassy look. This is the same for your extensions, particularly if you dye them.

You may have heard of purple shampoo to help your friends that dye their hair blonde avoid brassiness and keep their hair colour brighter for longer. This is similar to brunette hair. Instead of purple, blue shampoo is recommended to keep your brunette locks brass free. Why blue? This keeps richer red undertones at bay that are in a lot of brunette colours.


UV protection

Protecting your brunette locks from Uv rays is super important. Brunette hair holds a lot of heat and the uv can turn your rich tones pale and lifeless. So, make sure that you protect your locks. You can do this by colour treating your hair and using products that are specifically designed to help protect your hair from the sun.

If you dye your hair brown or have brown hair extensions making sure your locks have enough lustre is a must. If you want your hair to have a bit of shine don’t neglect your serums and oils. Oils are the most cost effective and purest way to make sure that your hair looks shiny and love and feels soft and fabulous. I have three that are my personal favourites: coconut oil, argon oil and olive oil. You can leave these in like a mask and wash them out after 20 minutes or dilute them with water and spray them on your ends for extra nourishment and shine.


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