How to reuse your tape-in hair extensions


Tape in extensions are amazing and blend so flawlessly. We love wearing them day and night but on average tape in extensions last around 8 weeks. Don’t worry, this does not mean that you have to fork out for a whole new set. Good quality tape in extensions is easy to reuse. If you are using synthetic extensions your life will be a whole lot harder to reuse and keep them in good shape. Today I am going to show you how to reuse your Cliphair Remi tape in extensions in an easy step-by-step tutorial that is perfect even for an extension novice. Don’t forget to #wearcliphair and show everyone how you have mastered reusing your extensions.


Step Number 1: Remove your tape in extensions

Please, please, please use hair oil for this! If not it will feel like you are ripping off a band-aid, not fun. This does not have to be hard and Cliphair has got a brand new Tape remover oil to help you make the process as smooth as possible. It is simple to use simply part your hair to reveal the tape then spray the tape remover on and leave for 30 to 60 seconds. Work it in with your thumb and fingers, and gently pull the 2 pieces apart like 2 pieces of Velcro. If you feel it still has residue, spray between the tapes and pull apart. Comb out the hair, shampoo and conditioner as usual.


Step Number 2: Shed the tape

Considering that you just used oil on your roots and extensions I would suggest doing the next stage in the bathroom. I always get concerned about messing my couch up so that is where I do it. Hold your extensions just below your tape with one hand and slowly peel the tape off the roots with the other. Your aim is to get the tape off in one piece so that the ends don’t get hidden. Playing find the end of the tape is a bit annoying. If the roots remain a bit stick, that is fine, don’t change that. It will ensure that your new tape sticks on easily.



Step Number 3: Wash your extensions

The biggest challenge for this step is keeping your hair together at the roots. This will help keep the hair level for reapplying you tape later. Make sure you thoroughly wash your locks to get out any product build up and the oil you put on earlier. Let them air dry overnight to keep them healthy.


Step number 4: Applying new tape

Applying new tape is super easy and the trick to getting the tape lined up perfectly. Doing this with your extensions lying down is the best way of doing this. Make sure that your tape is stretched out flat and that you ensure that it is attached along the top in a straight line. You need to cut your tape do so after you have it attached to your extensions so you have the size right

Don’t forget to ask a professional to attach them for the best result.


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