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This blog should make it easier for you to find your perfect shade 🙂 Check out these celebrities and which colour extensions they would use from ClipHair:

Lightest Blonde Hair Extensions #60

This is the lightest shade of blonde extensions available at ClipHair. They are a gorgeous white-blonde shade, ideal if you have your hairtotally bleached to a really light blonde colour. They are suitable if your hair is all one shade of blonde, and they would be perfect for Gwen Stefani or Christina Aguilera.
The bleach blonde hair extensions in #613 are slightly more yellow toned than the lightest blonde extensions. I like to mix this shade with 18/613 to give the effect of blonde but highlighted blonde hair. If your hair is a yellow toned bleach blonde colour, similiar to Paris Hilton, or this photo of Heidi Montag, then these are the extensions for you!


For more ash toned blondes, #22 hair extensions are great. They match perfectly with slightly less yellow tones. Sienna Miller here shows off her ash blonde locks to perfection.
If you have a more rich golden shade of blonde, seen here on Reece Witherspoon, then you should go for #16. The shade is still light but has a more golden hue, perfect for summery rich blondes.


For darker and honey blonde shades, #14 are great. Lauren Conrad is a great example of beautiful dark blonde hair and she has previously admitted she loves using hair extensions to boost her look. If you originally had dark hair, but have dyed it blonde, these could also be the shade for you – as they would match perfectly with Beyonce’s hair when she goes blonde!

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  1. If you cut the hair extensions to a more naautrl length then you will suit it. I have the hair extensions from the link she has given and they are thin, so having shoulder length hair with the length of the hair extensions just looks odd.

  2. Thank you for the comment. Did you buy a full head set or a double weft? The full head set works all those who have an average need of hair however those who have naturally thick or fine hair, we advise them to buy our double weft set which is prepared to give extra hair volume.

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