5 hacks for hair extension styling


Hair extensions are amazing to turn your styles from ordinary to extraordinary. They help us have so much fun with us so we can try different styles, have longer hair and even try different colours throughout. Today I want to share with you some of the best hacks when it comes to hair extension styling. These tips will make your styling so much easier, save you a bunch of time and make your extensions last a ton longer. If you want all of this then keep reading.


Hack number 1: use the right tools

Using the wrong tools on your Cliphair extensions is what will make styling so much harder and jeopardise the quality of them. This make seems far fetched but if you use things like brushes that are not meant for extensions they will pull on the hair and cause breakage. Investing in the right tools may feel like extra expense initially but it will help your extensions last so much longer and is totally worth it.


Hack number 2: non-slip technique

If you have second-day hair or are wearing your extensions for a long period of time. You may have trouble with your hair extensions slipping. This may also be the case if your hair is a bit thinner. The trick is to add some hold to your hair before you clip your extensions in divide your hair and tease the roots for extra hold.


Hack number 3: use your hanger to the best of its ability

Hangers are great for keeping your hair more luscious for longer, they help to keep your hair nice and tangle free. That is not the only benefit of using extensions hangers. Styling is always difficult at the back of your head, this is the same whether t is your hair or extensions. To make it easier style your hair extensions whilst they are still hung up. You will get the look you want and save a bunch of time.


Hack number 4: upside down hair extensions

When you are having your locks down you would not imagine having your Cliphair extension in any other direction but when you are creating an updo, whether it is a ponytail or an intricate bun, things are a little different. When you have your extension in the normal way when trying to create these styles it can be harder to conceal the seems. The trick is to place your extensions in upside down from the nape of your neck to your ears. This will make your extensions really easy to blend.


Hack number 5: tones and layers

When you are trying to create different tones of the same colour, ie darker and mid-toned brunette, then laying is the best way t make this seem more natural. This look has bee very popular with the increasing popularity of balayage. To create this with Cliphair extensions make sure you clip them in horizontally to create layers that will match your hair cut.


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